Do you feel anxious when you try to write?

Are you confused about how to start?

Is there a voice inside your head telling you that you’re not doing it right?

If so, here’s a free guide that will help you tune out self-doubt and find your creative confidence.

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Fear’s not all bad. Every good story’s got it.

The stories we read. The stories we watch. Our own stories.

Fear reminds us of what’s at stake and why our dreams matter.

It motivates us to change when we see them slipping away.

And then there’s the bad fear.

The fear that tells us our writing’s not good enough. Not creative enough. Not perfect.

It never goes away.

But what if you could learn how to push through it?

  • Start writing creatively without self-doubt getting in the way

  • Find the confidence to tell your stories

  • Discover how to lock out your inner critic and keep going

  • Learn how to use your surroundings and experiences to spark ideas.

  • Find out how much fun creative writing can be.

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Hi, I’m Linda. I’m a writing coach and writer myself. I know what means to be afraid of putting your words onto paper.

Like you, I’ve spent time living outside my home country and wanting to express myself through writing. I'd still be fighting the blank page if I hadn’t overcome the self-doubt that was holding me back.

Since then, my short stories have been published in anthologies. I’ve helped inspire new writers through my blog posts and was a featured speaker at the Melbourne Writers’ Symposium Breaking the Code.

Not sure where to start?

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